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A modern vintage approximately love now thoroughly revised and updated.

First released in 1992, Helen Fisher’s “fascinating” (New York Times) Anatomy of Love quick turned a vintage. due to the fact then, Fisher has performed pioneering mind learn on lust, romantic love, and attachment; accumulated facts on greater than 80,000 humans to provide an explanation for why you're keen on who you're keen on; and picked up details on greater than 30,000 women and men on sexting, hooking up, buddies with merits, and different present tendencies in courtship and marriage. and he or she offers a brand new, scientifically established and positive standpoint on relationships in our electronic age―what she calls “slow love.”

This is a state-of-the-art travel de strength that lines human relations existence from its origins in Africa over 20 million years in the past to the web relationship websites and bedrooms of at the present time. And it’s obtained all of it: the copulatory gaze and different common dating ploys; the who, whilst, the place, and why of adultery; love addictions; her discovery of 4 vast chemically established character kinds and what each one seeks in romance; the most recent facts on world wide (biologically established) styles of divorce; how and why women and men imagine in a different way; the true tale of ladies, males, and tool; the rise―and fall―of the sexual double regular; and what mind technological know-how tells us approximately find out how to make and maintain a cheerful partnership.

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