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Download E-books Night Stalkers (Hunter: The Vigil) PDF

By Chuck Wendig, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas

We proportion comparable shadows. yet that doesn’t suggest we’re a similar. They nonetheless need to die.

A moment time.

A ultimate time.

They die by means of the flame. That manner, either one of us see the sunshine, if just for a moment.

This e-book for Hunter: The Vigil includes:

• An severe look at how the undying Vigil and the immortal vampires come jointly in an everlasting struggle.

• a glance into how every one compact and conspiracy offers with the callous depredations of vampire society. additionally information new compacts and conspiracies (including the hunters of the Cainite Heresy).

• For vampire-hunters, a group of latest strategies, benefits and Endowments (including the Cainite Heresy’s Rites of Denial). For Storytellers, a “build-your-own” vampire part that includes new strategies to use previous folklore.

• Philadelphia by means of evening: town of concord is besieged through the everlasting fight of vampire as opposed to vampire, hunter as opposed to hunter, and everyone as opposed to all people.

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Download E-books Promethean: the Created PDF

By Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas, John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard, Oscar Garza, Chris McDonough, Mike

I do know that glance of disgust on your eyes.
You can't conceal it from me.

I've obvious all its expressions in lots of faces like your own.
I am in detail conversant in rejection.
Yes, those scars and stitched wounds are scary to behold.
Were i actually alive, they'd be adequate to kill me.

But i'm really not alive.
Not yet.

Not within the approach you recognize it.
A hearth burns inside of me and animates this useless flesh,
these legs that experience wandered the some distance areas of the Earth,
these fingers that experience killed men.

And I stroll with a purpose.
You won't stand in my way.
These arms have killed men.

A Storytelling video game of Stolen Lives

Prometheans are soulless corpses lively through a mysterious, alchemical strength, the Divine fireplace stolen from the gods. Their hideousness forces people, animals, or even nature itself to reject them on an instinctual point. They wander the darkish locations of the realm, looking what their creators denied them: humanity.

A New video game set on the planet of Darkness

A complete new form of personality for gamers, encouraged via the vintage Frankenstein monster and the global myths of Golems

Explores elements of the area of Darkness unknown to the opposite video game lines

Strange new antagonists and mysteries to solve for gamers of any global of Darkness video game

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Download E-books CthulhuTech PDF

By Sandstorm Productions

The final War

2085. Humanity faces extinction. Alien bugs from the sting of our sun procedure, lengthy hidden at the back of the façade of truth, descend to enslave us. Hordes of unspeakable horrors roll out from significant Asia, laying waste to whatever of their direction. The church of the fish-god scours the realm for misplaced occult secrets and techniques to unharness bad forces. lifeless gods wake up and switch their dreadful eyes towards the Earth. And inside of hides a melanoma, consuming away on the very middle of the hot Earth Government.

This is the Aeon conflict. this is often the time of CthulhuTech.

CthulhuTech: The Game

CthulhuTech is an leading edge storytelling video game that started off as a mix of 2 well known genres. the 1st used to be that of cosmic horror, made preferred through H. P. Lovecraft and culminating within the modern-day with parts of Mike Mignola s Hellboy and John chippie s within the Mouth of insanity. the second one was once that of huge mecha jap animation, made favored through such sequence as Robotech, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Rahxephon. however the surroundings has grown a long way past what it began to be. CthulhuTech is now a very specific hybrid of genres cosmic horror, anime, post-apocalypse, conventional horror, and technology fiction combined jointly seamlessly.

CthulhuTech: greater than A Game

Climb inside of a thirty-foot tall battle computing device and rain down hell at the unwavering Migou. struggle teeth and nail at the entrance traces opposed to the terrible beasts of the Rapine typhoon. search out the disgusting corruption of the insidious Esoteric Order of Dagon. discover the darkish international of the malignant Chrysalis company and their unseen gigantic brokers. Sift via secrets and techniques lengthy idea misplaced and bend the facility of the cosmos on your will. take part symbiosis with whatever past time and area and develop into a shape-shifting bringer of wrath.

Nowhere else will you discover a atmosphere like this.

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Download E-books Deathwatch (Warhammer 40K, Core Rulebook) PDF

By Ross Watson

Deathwatch is a roleplaying online game set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the place you're taking at the function of a member of the Adeptus Astartes - the religious, bio-engineered super-soldiers often referred to as house Marines. merely the main unheard of applicants from the struggling with forces of the Adeptus Astartes are invited to hitch the Deathwatch, and tackle a brand new oath to protect the Imperium from the darkest of threats. United during this newly solid brotherhood, all Deathwatch Marines needs to learn how to set aside their adjustments and interact to reach the main striking operations - no matter if dealing with the specter of overall annihilation whilst faced by means of implacable alien foes, or scuffling with opposed to the foul daemon threat that crawls forth hungrily from past the Warp. Deathwatch bargains a brand-new roleplaying event through targeting elite, special-missions variety motion on the furthest fringes of Imperial house, concerning a number of the maximum heroes and deadliest rivals the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to provide!

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Download E-books Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign PDF

By Jason Bulmahn, Adam Daigle, Jesse Benner, Benjamin Bruck, Ryan Costello

Take cost! the place the dungeon ends, one other event starts! Pathfinder RPG final crusade takes you on a guided travel in the course of the components of the sport that ensue among monster assaults and quests for old artifacts. As the most strong and prestigious heroes round, do your participant characters are looking to increase a state in their personal, or lead a military opposed to a neighboring country? possibly they wish to begin a enterprise, craft magic goods, or embark on a quest that may come to outline them. no matter if you're trying to find support producing a tender personality or looking how one can problem adventurers who've grown bored of struggling with monsters one-on-one, this publication has every thing you wish! Pathfinder RPG final crusade is a must have significant other quantity to the Pathfinder RPG middle Rulebook. This creative tabletop online game builds on greater than 10 years of procedure improvement and an open playtest that includes greater than 50,000 players to create a state-of-the-art RPG event that brings the best-ever best-selling set of delusion principles right into a new period. Pathfinder RPG final crusade comprises: ? an in depth advisor to producing personality backstories, together with a brand new method for random personality iteration and characteristics and disadvantages to meld your heritage together with your records. ? tale feats that elevate in energy as you in attaining key pursuits, making quests and crusades greater than simply style! ? a whole downtime ideas process to flesh out these elements of a PC's existence that happen among adventures, comparable to operating a enterprise, gaining strength and effect in a neighborhood, or beginning a mystical academy. ? New ideas for retraining and switching sessions; honor, recognition, and status; younger characters; funding; magic merchandise construction; and different key adventuring themes. ? principles for build up a nation, together with development and technological developments, governing your humans, and extra. ? Mass wrestle principles that will help you lead clashing armies and behavior epic battles in a enjoyable and effective manner-without wasting sight of the desktops themselves. ? and masses, even more!

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Download E-books Mystic Empyrean Corebook PDF

By David Bradley Talton

"No have to Justify. no use to give an explanation for. we're as we're. Such is Becoming."

Empyrean lies in ruins. lined via the devouring fog of Aether, it's only an issue of time prior to the realm dies with out the maintaining strength of Grand Cornerstone. As an Eidolon--an immortal strength of nature--your direction is apparent. locate the misplaced fragments of Grand Cornerstone and rebuild the area in line with your personal layout.

Mystic Empyrean is a roleplaying video game of social personality improvement, production, and puzzle fixing. gamers needs to interact to rebuild the realm from a number of tattered is still, after which discover their very own creations on the way to locate extra items of the area. The participant characters, Eidolons, are beings of large strength, granted a physique of natural lifestyles power and shaped through the wishes and designs in their hearts. Eidolons enhance new powers established upon their personalities. To be ate up through greed will supply an Eidolon the ability to create gold with a marginally. To be worried and furtive will supply the facility to dissolve into shadow. characteristics enhance dependent upon how characters are role-played, instead of the project of expertise or gaining of degrees. which means Eidolons will achieve powers that mirror their activities and needs.

In Empyrean, the sport builds itself as you play. No GM is answerable for developing encounters previous to the sport. as an alternative, gamers use the instruments offered within the video game advisor, in addition to their very own imaginations, to create an event that's fully exact for each workforce.

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Download E-books Shadowrun: Core Rulebook (5th Edition) PDF

By Jason M. Hardy

There are cracks on the planet. They’re slim, darkish, and infrequently chilly, yet they're the single issues that
keep you hidden. retain you alive. they're the shadows of the realm, and they're the place you live.

You are a shadowrunner, thriving within the margins, doing the roles nobody else can. You have
no workplace, no everlasting domestic, no historical past to examine. you're no matter what you're making your self. Will you search justice? Sow seeds of chaos? promote out to the top bidder? It’s as much as you, yet this a lot is certain—if you do not anything, the streets will consume you alive.

You can survive—even flourish—as lengthy as you do what it takes. Sacrifice a part of your soul for bleeding-edge equipment. Push the boundaries of your will studying new and hazardous magic. twine your self into the Matrix, making your brain one with screaming streams of knowledge. It’ll expense you something—everything does—but you can also make it well worth the price.

Shadowrun, 5th variation is the latest model of 1 of the preferred and profitable role-playing worlds of all time—a fusion of guy, magic and computing device in a dystopian near-future. With ideas for personality production, magic, wrestle, Matrix hacking, rigging, and extra, you've every little thing you must face the demanding situations of the 6th World.

[Uploader's word: PDF is retail quality.]

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Download E-books Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Part 2 - Curse of the Lady's Light PDF

By Mike Shel

  • Varisia's most recent heroes have stumbled throughout a robust relic from the traditional empire of Thassilon — but the artifact has been sundered into seven fragments. The 3rd of those fragments lies within the swampy Mushfens south of town of Magnimar, hidden inside an historical, towering lighthouse referred to as the Lady's mild. With squabbling boggards, troglodytes, and different swamp monsters living within the quarter round the mild, impending the ruins would require both stealth or bravado. however the threats posed by means of slimy and scaly humanoids pales compared to the exiled grey Maidens who've claimed the internal of the sunshine as their new headquarters — or to the sinister curse that afflicts the robust, historic caretaker of the ruin.
  • Continuing the Shattered famous person event Path, Curse of the Lady's Light is a Pathfinder Roleplaying video game adventure for 4th-level characters. This quantity deals extra information at the Mushfens swamps of Varisia and an intensive research of the grey Maidens. New monsters fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, whereas invoice Ward's Pathfinder magazine fiction explores the seedy underbelly of the scoundrel haven of Riddleport!

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Download E-books Dead Magic *OP PDF

By Chris Tang

Civilizations upward push and fall throughout seas of time. alongside the way in which, every one tradition fosters its personal mystic traditions. while mages of the current search for solutions long ago, they lay naked the main terrifying - and effective - of humanity's superstitions. Such magics have been forbidden even within the brutal cultures of a long time long gone; what poor secrets and techniques do they carry for mages today?

From the early days of civilization in Mesopotamia and Africa, to the philosophies of Greece and Rome and the mysteries of significant the USA, Dead Magic explores the mystic background of misplaced civilizations worldwide. this is often no go back and forth consultant for mages, notwithstanding - those have been cultures that practiced bad, blood-drenched rites and consciousness-shattering rituals. Unearth those secrets and techniques and desire that you simply continue to exist.

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Download E-books Fallen Suns ( Rogue Trader Adventure - WarpStorm Part 3) PDF

By Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker

A robust strength has woke up from its shut eye someplace deep in the Hecaton Rifts, and if left unchecked it is going to spell convinced doom for the denizens of within reach sectors. As this historical evil threatens to ruin either the Koronos Expanse and the Calixis area, are you able to and your fellow Explorers research the reality of its mysterious origins?

Fallen Suns is the 3rd and ultimate instalment within the Warpstorm Trilogy for Rogue dealer! A misplaced Eldar Craftworld has began a dismal voyage of demise and catastrophe, and simply the Rogue investors of the Koronus Expanse stand within the method of its rampage. trip right into a perilous realm of insanity and historic hate; from Footfall to the Serpenta??s Cradle and past, you want to make universal reason with allies previous and new in the event that they are to outlive. The destiny of the Koronus Expanse hangs within the balance!

Fallen Suns will be performed as a standalone experience, or as a part of the gripping sequence of adventures that started with the occasions of The Frozen Reaches and persevered via fort of Skulls.

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